For big printable surfaces (high resolution, detailed wallpapers) and great screens demo (TV, monitor), for cinema production and animation, for games

On sale prepared and for order digital art (3D-graphics based) pictures with complex natural environment for quality (in nearest view) big printable surfaces (high resolution, detailed wallpapers) and great screens (TV, monitor) demo, and for other CG productions as background (96bit, HDRI-sources) - cinema production, animation, and games.

Premium quality CG-pictures from skilled 3D-artist

Advanced 3D-Artist creates complex scenes with great number of unique detailed objects together.
Watch 3d digital art gallery examples here.

Rich customization (3D wallpapers and sources ultrahd+, 3D animation)

We can create and sell custom (3D-graphics based) digital art picture, 3D wallpapers ultrahd+ (extra high resolution), stereoscopic sources (two points of view), 3D animation. Any addition custom models and materials may be created too and provide rich resources for tuning finished digital art picture.

  • Wide change image proportions and optical settings without unacceptable deformation
  • Any global light settings
  • Another plants/objects placement and forms (seasons vary "spring", "summer", "autumn", "winter")
  • Addition/creation new objects and materials
  • Animation
  • And many other things

Order free and fast adaptation for prepared 3D-graphic arts

  • Several simple posteffects variations ("brighter", "darker", "more colors", "less colors", etc.)
  • Crop (change proportions with lossy resolution)
  • Quality enlarge smoothing for usual resolution
  • Preprint support (accurate colors change RGB->CMYK*, convert to other formats and limited color spaces)

* with minimal losses of color details

Comfortable time range

  • Complete 3D digital artworks from gallery, without any fixes, with HDRI sources - from 1 day (after payment)
  • With free bonus adapting (read list higher) - from 3 days (after payment)
  • Minor changes and full recalculation prepared pictures in usual resolution (24 mpx) - from 1 week** (after payment)
  • Minor changes and full recalculation prepared pictures in extra resolution (up to 96 mpx) - from 2 weeks** (after payment)
  • Full custom graphics, 3D wallpapers ultrahd+, stereoscopic images (from 12 mpx), 3D animation (from HD) in usual resolution - from 3 weeks** (after prepayment)

**according to scene complexity and discussion/matching/edits time

96bit HDRI and 96bit source HDRI with wide exposition

For all digital 3D-artworks attached prepared quality 96bit HDRI sources (with recommended 3D-artist posteffects).
And certainly 96bit HDRI sources with wide exposition for freely lossless qualitative postprocess / composing.

Up to 96 mpx (and over) perfectly resolution and details

Want to see the slope of the snow-covered mountain at a distance of 20 kilometers from the viewpoint? Such a seamless panorama without atmosphere distortion can't be saved by any existing camera in the world! Tested resolution with prepared 3D-graphic pictures (grainless, blurless, antialiased with superb details) - up to 96 mpx (near 10000 x 10000 pixels). Maximum resolution maybe even larger/better if you wish.